Sources of Things Used
All Buttons & Blinkes If I couldn't link your image on my home page (because I linked an article or something else), your credit is here!

These belong to Key!
They do not mind if you use the buttons, but you must give them credit !!

These buttons were found at!

These buttons are the base templates which you can edit. When I had saved these, I didn't realize that. BUT: this was the default text preview. I agree with them, so they're on the frontpage. lol.

I made this button myself. :)

It's listed on here because this button is based off of a button found here: I changed it becuase it didn't look good on non-retina screens. My MacBook is a newer one, so it looked pretty ugly. :P

Music Used on Pages Any page with music will be credited on the bottom of the page with a Spotify/YouTube page!

The only page I don't give a link to is my navigation menu. If you click a button, it'll play the Wii Click sound, and when you first go on my page, it'll play the beginning of the Wii HOME Menu.

JavaScript Funzies on Website Snowstorm (Nov-Dec):

Wait! Where's my credit?
I honestly thought I gave all the credit I had. If your not credited, I found your image through a Google Search. Send me an email! I will give you the credit you deserve right away!

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