Hi! My name is Elliot, and this is my little sliver of the world wide web!

I grew up in the country area of New Jersey, where I've had lots of hate, homophobia, and life issues. Growing up, my home life wasn't good either. But i'm not writing this out of pity. My life now has (mostly) been better! I live with my parents, work $15/h at a food service company, and have such loving great friends. I wouldn't take them back for the world!! <3

Since 2021 I've been trying to find alternatives for social media and other things, where I just said "Screw it, i'm done." November 2022, I found NeoCities, and I haven't looked back! Everyone has a site on here with little guest books and buttons and everyone's happy! (Well...)

I made the version of my site with frames in Microsoft Frontpage 2003, where I scraped it and started learning HTML and hand-coded my site. I'm not a pro in the slightest. But I'm still proud of this site. :)


I guess this is the section about my personal life...

Well, i'm not dating (and happy i'm not), I go to my local community college for GED classes, and I have such a great work enviroment and friends there I can talk too.

I hope to add more info to this page, but for now, this'll do!

Music: C418 - Cat